Terms of Reference
Staffing, Pay, Appraisal and Discipline Committee


  • To act and make decisions on all matters delegated to it by the Governing Board.
  • To assist the decision making of Governing Board by providing more detailed consideration and recommendations on matters.
  • To ensure the school staffing complement supports the schools aims and ethos.



  • The committee’s quorum is 3 governors.
  • The committee shall consist of the Headteacher, Chair and 2 other non staff governors.
  • Where necessary, the elected Chair of the committee may have the casting vote.
  • The committee may invite attendance at its meetings from any persons, to assist or advise on a particular matter.
  • Governors may attend meetings at the discretion of the committee Chair but are not part of the quorum unless they have been asked to represent an absent committee member.
  • Only attendees who are members of the committee or who represent a member of the committee may vote.
  • In order to ensure that meetings are quorate, a governor may ask another governor to attend a committee meeting on their behalf if agreed in advance by the committee Chair.



  • The Chair will be elected annually at the first meeting of the new academic year.
  • No governor employed at the academy can act as committee Chair.
  • If the Chair is absent at the meeting the committee will elect a temporary replacement from the governors present.
  • The Governing board may remove the Chair of the committee from office at any time.


Meeting frequency:

  • The committee will meet once every term and more frequently if required.


Record of Meetings:

  • Committee members are entitled to 7 days notice of a meeting and to receive an agenda and relevant papers.
  • Draft minutes of all committee meetings will be available on the governor website as soon as possible after the meeting date.
  • Minutes must be signed by the Chair after being approved at the next meeting of the committee.


Reporting Mechanism:

  • The Chair will report back at every full governors meeting.


Terms of Reference:

  • To observe all statutory and contractual obligations.
  • To ensure the school is staffed sufficiently to fulfil the Academy Development Plan and the effective operation of the school. To consider the Headteachers recommendations on staffing levels, management structure and succession planning.
  • To effect any changes in staffing levels as agreed by the Governing board.
  • To establish and annually review and monitor the academies appraisal and pay and performance policies and refer any financial implications to the finance committee.
  • To ensure all recruitment conforms to safer recruitment practice and equality legislation and procedures are reviewed as necessary.
  • To oversee the appointment of the Headteacher and all senior leadership and teaching staff including short listing and interviewing candidates and determining their appointment salaries. Interview panels should be composed as follows:
    1. Deputy Headteacher/Assistant Headteacher/teachers – Headteacher and 2 governors.
    2. Headteacher – 3 governors inc LA governor. Committee may co-opt other governors to assist in interviewing candidates.
  • To carry out the Headteacher’s performance management review each term and conduct the Headteachers annual appraisal and pay review. The Chair of the Governing board to advise governors re the outcome of the Headteachers pay review at the next FGM.
  • To annually consider the Headteachers recommendations on teachers salaries/grades in line with the academies pay policy.
  • To evaluate the effectiveness of performance management by monitoring the correlation between the quality of teaching, pupil outcomes, appraisal outcomes and salary progression.
  • To ensure that all staff are appraised annually and appraisals are linked to pay rewards and fairly applied.
  • To ensure effective procedures are in place to monitor the quality of teaching and learning and the impact on pupil standards and achievement and ensure appropriate action is being taken to promote good/outstanding teaching and address poor/underperformance.
  • To ensure that all staff have contracts of employment and clear job descriptions. To recommend any changes in job descriptions to the Governing board.
  • To annually review procedures for dealing with staff discipline and grievances.
  • To ensure proper arrangements are in place to consider any appeal against a decision on pay issues.
  • To monitor the professional development of staff and the impact on teaching and pupil outcomes.
  • To monitor staff morale and well-being.
  • To contribute to the School Development Plan as appropriate.
  • To appoint and work with the external advisor.
  • To advise the Finance and Resources committee on the annual and longer term salary and other costs relating to personnel.



The report of the staffing committee will be placed in the confidential section of the Governing board’s agenda and will either be received or referred back. Reference back may only occur if either the staffing committee has exceeded it’s powers under the policy or the budget allocated for pay has been exceeded.



Membership for Staff Discipline and Appeals:


  • Staff Discipline – 3 governors (non of which can sit on both the staff discipline and appeals committee) excluding the Vice Chair of the GB and the Headteacher. The Headteacher, if not involved, can act as adviser. The Chair of the GB shall be the Chair of Governors
  • Appeals – 3 governors (non of which can sit on both the staff discipline and appeals committee) excluding the Chair of the GB. The Vice Chair of the GB shall be the Chair of Governors. For any meeting to be quorate the number of governors present must equal or exceed the number present at the meeting of the committee against whose decision the appeal is made. The committee must have an odd number of governors present