Pupil Discipline Committee/Panel


Name of Committee / Panel

Pupil Discipline Committee / Panel



To review the use of exclusion within the school, including considering the views of the parent of an excluded pupil, and deciding whether or not to confirm exclusions of more than five days or where a pupil would miss an opportunity to take a public examination.

With delegated powers:



Three governors



The membership must not include the Headteacher.  Governor Clerking Service recommends that a staff governor is not included.


If any governor has a connection with the pupil, or knowledge of the incident that led to the exclusion that could affect his or her ability to act impartially, he or she should step down.

The chair has the casting vote in all cases where an even number of governors are considering the case.


Terms of Reference

  1. To consider the actions of the Headteacher in excluding the pupil.
  2. To consider representations made by parents and by the LA.
  3. To determine whether the pupil should be re-instated immediately; re-instated by a

      particular date or not re-instated.