Headteacher Appraisal/Review panel


Academies are free to determine their own arrangements for appraising teachers and the Headteacher. The Governance Handbook, published by the Department for Education (DfE) says that academies "may adopt the requirements for maintained schools if they wish".



To undertake the Headteacher’s annual appraisal/review and ensure the school’s teacher appraisal/review procedures are properly and appropriately conducted.


Governors who are undertaking the Headteacher’s appraisal/review are appointed by the Governing Board with fully delegated powers and have certain statutory responsibilities. The Governing Board decides whether the governors appointed to conduct the Headteacher’s appraisal/review make the final decision on a pay award or refer back to a relevant committee. Decisions on pay awards are made by the Pay Committee/Panel, which could contain some, but not a majority of the same governors.

The Headteacher and staff governors cannot be Headteacher Appraisal/Review Governors. The Governing Board must appoint two or three appraisal/review governors. It is recommended that there will be three Headteacher Appraisal/Review Governors.


Governor reviewers must:

  • ensure the appointment of an external advisor*
  • seek advice from the external advisor when setting objectives and reviewing the

    performance of the Headteacher

  • meet with the Headteacher and external advisor at the start of the appraisal/review cycle

    to plan and prepare for the performance review, and set and record Headteacher

    objectives relating to the Headteacher Standards and the leadership and management of

    school priorities and pupil progress

  • agree arrangements for monitoring the progress of the performance objectives at least

    once during the year

  • meet with the Headteacher and external advisor at the end of the review cycle to review

    the head’s performance and identify achievements, including assessment of achievement

    against objectives, and to discuss and identify professional development needs/activities

  • write a performance review statement and give a copy to the Headteacher within 5 days

    of the review meeting, and allow 5 days for the Headteacher to add written comments

  • provide the Headteacher and chair of the Governing Board with a copy of the head

    teacher’s performance review statement

  • on request, provide a copy of the Headteacher's statement to those governors who are

    responsible for taking decisions in relation to promotion and pay, who should take account

    of this when making such decisions.


Any teacher appraisal/review appeal falls under the remit of the Appeals Committee/Panel. It is therefore recommended that the membership of this committee be different to the Appeals Panel.