Head's Welcome

Dear Parents and Carers

Welcome to Bolton Brow Primary Academy.

This is a school that takes great pride in educating children in such a way that they become self motivated in their own education. Staff are dedicated to providing the best education for all our pupils, and we work hard to ensure that each child receives a programme of teaching that addresses their individual needs.

As a school community we take great pride in educating children in an environment that is challenging, exciting, and purposeful and in which everyone experiences success. We expect children to make good educational progress and be proud of their own, and their schools’, achievements.

We aim to develop self-disciplined individuals who care not only for themselves but also for those around them. We would wish for this mutual respect to extend between staff and pupils and for the helpful friendliness demonstrated between staff to have a positive effect on the children.

Home involvement is actively encouraged, as support from home is essential and complimentary to what we hope to achieve. In partnership together we will work for the benefit of our children.

We hope, that by working together, our children will find themselves to be happy, fulfilled people, whose sense of wonder will stimulate the need to learn for many years to come.

This prospectus will give you an introduction to our school, but nothing replaces first hand experience. Please feel able to pay us a visit. We are always happy to show visitors around our school.

I trust that you and your child will share many happy days at Bolton Brow.

Best wishes,

Dan Burns.