Proposed Governor Meeting Timetable 2016-17


Annual General Meeting

Monday 5th September @ 5:30pm


Full Governing Board

Monday 19th September @ 7pm

Tuesday 15th November @ 7pm

Tuesday 17th January @ 7pm

Tuesday 7th March @ 7pm

Tuesday 23rd May @ 7pm

Tuesday 18th July @ 7pm


Finance, Property and Staffing Committee

Tuesday, 6th September @ 3pm

Tuesday, 4th October @ 3pm

Monday, 7th November @ 3pm

Monday, 5th December @ 3pm

Monday, 9th January @ 3pm

Monday, 6th February @ 3pm

Monday, 6th March @ 3pm

Monday, 3rd April @ 3pm

Monday, 8th May @ 3pm

Monday, 5th June @ 3pm

Monday, 3rd July @ 3pm


Curriculum and Ethos Committee

Monday 19th September @ 6pm

Tuesday 15th November @ 6pm

Tuesday 17th January @ 6pm

Tuesday 7th March @ 6pm

Tuesday 23rd May @ 6pm

Tuesday 18th July @ 6pm